7 what to expect in a thug to your relationship

7 what to expect in a thug to your relationship

Some women like guys who will be dangerous and perhaps also enjoyable.

Thugs suit your purposes and you can find very much tracks you’ve been hearing because you had been a girl that is little glorified the thug lifestyle. So, older females want to provide you with some advice in what to expect in the event that you come into a relationship with a thug:


1) you will get beat down a times that are few. Recently, a St. Louis girl worked over and over to have her boyfriend away from prison as he had been arrested for beating her. Appropriate before he killed her, she posted a message on Twitter telling her buddies to allow her kids understand that she really loves them, and within one hour, she had been dead. Some might wonder if her children would continue to have their mom if she hadn’t held getting this person away from prison. But she was loved by her thug and kept bringing him around her kids.

2) save your valuable bail cash, you might want it. You watch like & Hip-Hop recently? One of many females in the show, Yandy Smith, invested $200,000 bailing her fiance away from prison. Unfortuitously, some thugs genuinely believe that prison is one thing become happy with. You may additionally obtain the opportunity to be those types of ladies who reaches wait 3 or 4 years for the guy in the future house from jail. Thugs get to prison a great deal.

3) Weed and liquor could be a part that is regular of life. You know that most thugs smoke weed and love to drink if you listen to hip hop music. Consuming and smoking additionally result in a lot of the punishment that develops in thuggish relationships.

4) you want a guy to possess training? He probably won’t have much. Many thugs won’t get one or would like to get one. At most useful, you’ll find a wannabe thug, whom pretends in order to make bad choices, but makes good people whenever no one is searching. Continue reading